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Guess That Song  v2.0.4

Guess That Song v2.0.4

Click:1 Time:2014-03-09 11:01:18

Version: 2.0.4 Description Is a puzzle casual games. By listening to songs guess song, look at how much can you name a title. You can play alone, also can match with my friends. Games have many popular songs, there will always be you don't...

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Army War lite  v2.3.2

Army War lite v2.3.2

Click:3 Time:2014-03-08 09:02:20

Version: 2.3.2 Description Is a classic style of the war strategy game. Depicting the army strategy class tend to have a classic theme: seize flag! In the army's war, your task is to develop economy, training soldiers, buy equipment, finall...

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Can You Steal It  v1.1

Can You Steal It v1.1

Click:1 Time:2014-03-08 09:01:51

Version: 1.1 Description Is a puzzle puzzle game, similar to the chamber of secrets escape game. Game, you want to decrypt the different objects, USES it to decrypt the next item. When you finished theft task, you can open the next level. N...

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Don't Kill The Man  v1.0

Don't Kill The Man v1.0

Click:2 Time:2014-03-08 09:01:18

Version: 1.0 Description Is a leisure game, the game will have a little bloody, but harmless. Game play is very simple, is hit all the balloon on the spinning wheel, then you can pass a barrier. Game time limitation, there is some difficult...

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Marvel Run Jump Smash!  v1.0.3

Marvel Run Jump Smash! v1.0.3

Click:4 Time:2014-03-08 08:59:18

Version: 1.0.3 Description Is a diffuse wei hero as the subject matter of action parkour game. Players will diffuse operation of many popular hero: iron man, captain America, black widow roles and evil forces for war. Of course gameplay or...

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Ninja Slash!  v1.1.1

Ninja Slash! v1.1.1

Click:1 Time:2014-03-07 07:40:12

Version: 1.1.1 Description If you had grown cut fruits? To experience the ultimate cross screen cutting experience! You need to run at the same time, jump, cut! To cut iron jian is your cross screen cut class not to be missed one game. Play...

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BasketDudes Liga Endesa  v4.0.2

BasketDudes Liga Endesa v4.0.2

Click:1 Time:2014-03-07 07:39:28

Version: 4.0.2 Description Is a theme of basketball sports game, the operation is very simple, picture luxury again with dynamic voice and beautiful scene, can yet be regarded as a masterpiece of basketball. Like basketball friends don't mi...

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Scotchy Scotch Toss  v1.6

Scotchy Scotch Toss v1.6

Click:2 Time:2014-03-07 07:37:51

Version: 1.6 Description This is a leisure game, the game is only a simple action, ice is lost. According to the direction of the wind to determine the size of the Angle. The game not only with the ice, since the game name is announcer, it...

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Crazy Dentist - Fun games  v1.0.3

Crazy Dentist - Fun games v1.0.3

Click:1 Time:2014-03-07 07:36:29

Version: 1.0.3 Description Is a leisure game, want to experience the feeling of the dentist? To give all kinds of patients, with the corresponding item to clear the guests teeth problems, finally also can spoof them once....

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AvatarDrive  v1.0.21

AvatarDrive v1.0.21

Click:2 Time:2014-03-06 12:41:01

Version: 1.0.21 Description Is a shooter RPG game, including more than 50, 200 different formative role. In the computer world stage, and all the players will be, together with the virtual image in the computer world break in an attempt to...

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Out There  v1.01

Out There v1.01

Click:1 Time:2014-03-06 12:40:30

Version: 1.01 Description Is a science fiction adventure game. In the game, players play an exiled in an unknown galaxy of astronauts, in order to survive, you must find its way to return to the earth as soon as possible. Free PiaoHang play...

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Last Heroes  v1.0.7

Last Heroes v1.0.7

Click:1 Time:2014-03-06 12:39:54

Version: 1.0.7 Description Is a strategic defensive shooting game. As brutal zombie last remaining resistance hero, you are a human last hope. Please use all of your professional skills onslaught against zombies, and revenge for other heroe...

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Blood Brothers  v2.

Blood Brothers v2.

Click:3 Time:2014-03-06 12:39:17

Version: Description As a hero into a vampire, you must find your ally, combined with the blood of their ceremony, and a strong witness the story of revenge and rebirth in the entire empire, you can choose the knight, warrior, the...

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Mike V: Skateboard Party HD  v1.23

Mike V: Skateboard Party HD v1.23

Click:3 Time:2014-03-05 12:38:41

Version: 1.23 Description Is a 3 d board games, here, you need to increase your skateboard skill, finish all kinds of achievements and experience. This is a full 3 d effects skateboarding game, players will challenge the limit in a number o...

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Slingshot Braves  v1.0.1

Slingshot Braves v1.0.1

Click:1 Time:2014-03-05 12:38:07

Version: 1.0.1 Description Is a leisure RPG game. Players need to adopt the way to control the character like a slingshot attack routes, direction, not only contains the manual operation of cool feeling, and high in strategic. Players will...

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Hero Forge Beta  v1.3r2

Hero Forge Beta v1.3r2

Click:1 Time:2014-03-05 12:37:34

Version: 1.3r2 Description Is an online eliminating casual games, you will experience in the joy of the game of eliminate the feeling of the battle, eliminate different squares will bring you different ability: attack, defense, magic, resum...

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Drift Mania Championship free  v1.63

Drift Mania Championship free v1.63

Click:4 Time:2014-03-05 12:36:50

Version: 1.63 Description Game will be the first choice of the lover any drift, drift as a unique driving technology is not only need to control the speed, also need to control line, Angle and impact. (G5 close test run) In-game visually st...

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Slam Dunk Basketball 2  v1.0.4

Slam Dunk Basketball 2 v1.0.4

Click:6 Time:2014-03-04 12:42:11

Version: 1.0.4 Description Is a nice shooting game. This not only inherited the fine tradition of the anew, also highlighted the use skills to compete with others the idea. In the game, the player is chasing a huge bonuses competition betwe...

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